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Who We Are

Local Advertising With Global Reach

Captivate Marketing is an intermediary between “business decision makers” and local-advertising, to national branding, and even graphic design mediums. Captivate understands that you’re busy too!  You have a business to run! Marketing is a facet that can be very time consuming, that’s where we come in! What we allow you to do is continue doing what you’re good at…  sharing your passion with the rest of the world, from a local standpoint to a global connection. It is our mission to keep you (the decision maker of your business) working on the processes of your work. While we handle all of your digital marketing needs. Thus, providing you with a simple contact point, that will relay information, and deliver a finished product back to you. We have all the digital research means available to us, and graphic design, so that you don’t need to do anything more than communicate with our dedicated team here at Captivate Marketing.

Why we do what we do

What Makes Captivate Marketing Different?

The reason we started this company – Captivate understands that marketing is a necessary means in today’s business sector, to stay relevant, or top-of-the-market. However, most businesses don’t necessarily like marketing, or see the value in it? Thus, making businesses large or small feel as if they are wasting money and/or resources towards a marketing campaign that is not giving them a feasible ROI (Return On Investment). At Captivate, we have addressed those issues by a few simple standards that we hold for ourselves, and our clients. Digital Marketing is the future of all platforms, and we understand that fully. And how can we make investment and return measurable for our clients? In Television and Radio and Print, it is difficult to quantify results. With Captivate, we have addressed those issues and can give measurable results to our business partners. Thus, showing an ROI, and streamlining a process that actually… WORKS! for your companies continued growth!


Each digital template our team creates with your business is a custom template. No template is like any other template. And each campaign which we produce goes after a specific audience which YOU are trying to have exposure with. This is the most effective way of marketing hands down.

We Navigate the Digital Seas

To Get You Where You Need To Be


Using specific parameters that Captivate will compile after an interview with the business decision maker, we are able to specifically target a group of consumers based on your marketing requirements. This allows us to then access the top national websites in the country, and deliver your advertisement on a LOCAL or NATIONAL level. Thus, allowing us to either run a very large campaign reaching from the Pacific Ocean to the Atlantic Seas… Or, we can deliver a campaign that encompasses only one square block. Whichever avenue is most advantageous for reaching the audience in which you are going for.

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Less waste = more savings.

Making the Most of Your Marketing Budget

This form of advertising allows us to ‘cut that fat’.  Every ad that runs costs money, so we make sure every ad is seen by a potential customer.  With the outdated ‘cookie’ based method, thousands of your ads could be wasted.  Guaranteeing ad placement on top of the page and ‘above the fold’, we ensure that every ad is seen.  This means less waste.  

What We Do

Identify Your Audience

A consultation identifies your audience.  We sit down with you and answer questions like: What customers do I want to attract? Who is my perfect client?  We create a campaign that specifically targets this audience. Together we will pinpoint the market you want to reach, and we will choose a grouping of websites that have been proven to attract those types of people.

Data Mining

We use data mining techniques to drive efficiencies and predict customer behaviors, this predictive analysis is what sets us apart from the competition. The benefit of data mining is the ability to uncover hidden patterns and relationships that will positively impact your business.  In short, we do extensive research to determine what type of person is looking at each individual website we advertise on.  We put your ad on websites where your target market will most likely be visiting.


Our distribution is global.  Your ad can be seen as far or as near as you would like.  With geo-targeting we are able to set up a perimeter for the reach of your ad as big or as small as you want it.  Your ad will get seen on a variety of reputable websites, but only within a reasonable geographic distance to the audience you want to attract.  This again ‘cuts the fat’ and focuses the advertisement on potential clients!

Increase Traffic

A popular means of advertising online is considered “re-targeting”, or “cookie based” mediums. This allows someone to get exposure to a specific product or service after visiting that specific website. However, research has shown that retargeting a consumer is less effective than putting an advertisement in front of a potential client who is interested in what you’re selling. Captivate is able to deliver a “research based pre-targeting” medium, which allows your advertisement to become 3x more  effective than the national average, in comparison to cookie based re-targeting advertisements.  This is compiled by a CTR (Click Through Ratio), of responses from your advertisement with Captivate, to your specific website and/or landing page.

Harness the Power of User Friendly

Captivate will facilitate the process for your business to have an ad created using our in-house design team, and then deliver your message to every digital interface on the market! Your advertisement will be featured on all Cell Phone, Laptop, Desktop, and Tablet mediums. All ads will be formatted to be top-of-fold on all websites. This means very top of the website on any digital screen’s. So, the consumer does not need to scroll down the page to find your ad. It is right in front of them on every single website listed in your template. Making your ad much more viewable increasing the interaction that the consumer gets with your company.

Feel Good About Your Investment

Every month we will deliver you a clear, concise, easy to read report with each individualized website your company is seen on.  It will show you how many times your ad was featured on each website and how many times it was clicked on.  We use this data to cut underperforming sites, and increase viewability on top performers. Think of it as your portfolio.  Together we can keep your campaign lean and effective. 

  • Transparency 100%
  • Viewability 100%
  • Local Reach 100%

We are strategic digital marketers making the most of your budget.


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Happy Clients

“After seeing direct increase in traffic to our site, and thus more customer inquiries, we have not stopped working with the team at Captivate Marketing.”

~Nancy P.

Happy Clients

“After seeing the results of Captivate’s method, we devote most of our marketing budget to their expertise.”

~John D.

Happy Clients

“I stick with Captivate because of their eye catching design and theimmediate pay off I get from my investment .”

~Carlos S.

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